Taupo Motorosport Park (Taupo)

Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo Motorsport Park (also called the Taupo Race Track) is a motorsports circuit located in Taupo, New Zealand and owned and operated by MIT Development Ltd. It is considered to be the best facility of its type in Australasia.

The circuit was completed in 2006 and features a three-story pit lane complex with 32 ground floor pit garages, 13 first floor corporate suites and a second floor race control/corporate/catering complex. The track also features an NHRA standard drag strip with full capacity viewing.

The Park has four race track configurations with lengths of 1.3km, 2.2km, 3.4km and 3.5km. There are two separate pit/paddock areas and two separate start/finish locations, allowing for simultaneous use of two tracks (Track 2 and Track 3).