After showing pace but being hobbled by mechanical problems at the penultimate round of the 2012/13 MSC series at the Skope Classic meeting in Christchurch a fortnight ago, Higgins - eldest son of New Zealand Porsche series stalwart Paul Higgins - could hardly have had a better start to the final series round this weekend, pipping 2012/13 series champion-elect Ross for pole position in the qualifying session in the morning then pulling away from both Ross and Proctor in the race.

Having been the only other driver - with Higgins - to break the 55 second barrier in the qualifying season, a determined Steve Ross got a jump on both Higgins and Proctor off the rolling start but Higgins was back in front before the end of the first lap.

It took Proctor a little longer - until near the end of the eight lap race in fact - but persistence eventually paid off and he too found a way past Ross, crossing the finish line in second place.

Behind Higgins, Proctor and Ross, British driver Michael Whatley (Surtees TS8) was the first of the visiting internationals home in fourth place with compatriot Greg Thornton (McRae GM1) and Australian Paul Zazryn (Lola T332) fifth and sixth respectively.

Monaco-based Brit Peter Dunn (March 73A) was next home three second back in seventh with Australian Bryan Sala eighth, David Banks - who recovered from a spin exiting the last corner on the last lap - ninth and former series champion Ian Clements driving fellow Christchurch man Lindsay O'Donnell's Begg FM5 tenth, the field rounded out by series guest Phil Mauger driving the ex Denny Hulme McLaren M23 Formula 1 car and Australian Bill Hemming in his Australian-made Elfin MR8A-C.

On Friday a serious accident in testing claimed two cars, sending the driver of one to hospital in a serious but stable condition and leaving the other unable to repair the damage in time.

The MSC F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series is organized and run with the support of sponsors MSC, NZ Express Transport, Bonney's Specialized Bulk Transport, Mobil Lubricants, Pacifica, Avon Tyres and Exide

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012/13 MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series Rnd 7 Evolution Motorsport Classic Speedfest Teretonga Invercargill Fri-Sun Feb 15-017 2013

1. Andrew Higgins (Lola T400) 00:54.350
2. Steve Ross (McRae GM1) 00:54.591
3. Clark Proctor (March 73A) 00:55.685
4. Gregory Thornton (McRae GM1) 00:56.470
5. Michael Whatley (Surtees TS8) 00:57.371
6. Paul Zazryn (Lola T332) 00:57.675
7. Peter Dunn (March 73A) 00:58.174
8. Bryan Sala (Matich A50) 00:58.223
9. Peter Sundberg (Lola T332) 00:58.277
10. David Banks (Talon MR1) 00:59.135
11. Phil Mauger (McLaren M23 F1) 01:02.650
12. Bill Hemming (Elfin MR8 A-C) 01:03.848

Race 1
1. Andrew Higgins 7.26.061
2. Clark Proctor + 6.037
3. Steve Ross +6.177
4. Michael Whatley +23.983
5. Greg Thornton +25.165
6. Paul Zazryn +25.40
7. Peter Dunn +28.840
8. Brian Sala +32.207
9. David Banks +54.028
10. Ian Clements +54.408
11. Phil Mauger +59.587
12. Bill Hemming 1 lap